Metal sounds

metal sound from gongs, singing bowls, wind chimes or cymbals

Metal sounds

Vibrant sounds from singing bowl, gong, cymbal or wind chimes

In the beginning was the Word.
The word is sound.
No one can escape the sound.
Be it the words of the other, the music, be it engines or the noise of the weapon.

There are sounds that harden and remove us from our inner balance.
And there are sounds that can bring these weights into balance.

The sounds and vibrations of the gongs, singing bowls or wind chimes can do this.
The spherical sounds evoke memories of our earthly and cosmic origins.

Vibrating metal can be found in singing bowls, cymbals, chime bars, gongs and also in wind chimes.

Cymbals as very small instruments have very bright sounds. They are often used to set a signal tone or to wake up, e.g. after a mediation.

The chime bars, even called zenergy chimes, are similar in sound. A single massive metal rod that is suspended swinging and struck with a mallet.

Small singing bowls sound as bright as cymbals. Japanese Zen singing bowls are characterized by a very pure sound. The mini singing bowls are finer and more delicate.
With singing bowls the sounds vary whether it is a machine made singing bowl or hand hammred singing bowl. Rotated singing bowls, such as the Tibetan singing bowls, have more bright sounds than hammered singing bowls such as the singing bowls from Nepal.

The gongs also come in different shapes and sizes. From small table gongs from 17 cm in diameter to large feng or the heavier tam-tam. The shining sound of a sun gong is also very beautiful.

But if you don't want to take the mallet into your own hand, the wind chimes are recommended and you can let the wind sound the melodies.

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soft sticks

Material covered ends

This drumstick is covered in soft material and is available in 2 sizes;
as used with a Chinese tam-tam.

Felt drumstick

It has a bamboo handle and is designed for use with the shamane drum, but is also suitable for use with most other drums too.

cork sticks

Bamboo handle with a cork end covered in felt. They are harder than the felt drumsticks but softer than a wooden drumstick.

sticks >>>

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Ton in Ton - frame drum

The frame is made from glued rings of plywood. On this frame the goat skin will be sewed. This drum is tuneable by small screws in the frame. The screws press the last ring, which is not glued, against the skin. So you can stretch or release the skin.
For easy carrying, there's a handle on the back.
The drums is streched with natural skin and only shaved on the drumming space. On the frame are still hair.
Oversized skins on the borders can kept for order.

The drum is covered with natural goat skins, which are only shaved on the drum surface. The hair remains on the edge of the drum.

shaman drum >>>

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native indian flute deep tonality

Like the small native inidan flute but in deeper tuning (A, G, Fis or F).

Very warm and soft sound. Like the traditional native indian flute it is tuned pentatonic..

The flute comes with a bag and a tutorial

made from plastic with decoration bird

sound example deep Indianerflöte     

native indian flute >>>