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marching drum

The small Soldier-drum, made solid and accurate like the large soldier drums.
The body is made from lightweight plywood and thonged with solid skins. Even specially made for children hands.
A broken skin can be changed easy. (diameter ca.22 - 27 cm, hights ca. 22 cm)

We offer this drums wooden coloured in light or dark and even painted colourful
The drums are with a carrying strap and two sticks.

In larger size, 27 cm diameter and 35 cm high, this drum is nearly like the large soldier drums.
Because the lightweight construction, this drum is easy to carry for a long time.
This drum is also offered in two coloures light or dark and colourful painted, mostly with blue and red flames.

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Tin Whistle

The traditional flute from Ireland
At the time of industrialisation, simple tin whistles were created in England and Ireland, which were produced in large numbers and were therefore affordable for the common people. This is why they were given the name penny-whistle.

We offer the tin-whistle from the Clarke company, which is made of tin and has a wooden peg as a mouthpiece.
The wide windway produces a slightly smoky tone.
It is painted black and available in "C" or "D" tuning.

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native indian flute deep tonality

Like the small native inidan flute but in deeper tuning (A, G, Fis or F).

Very warm and soft sound. Like the traditional native indian flute it is tuned pentatonic..

The flute comes with a bag and a tutorial

made from plastic with decoration bird

sound example deep Indianerflöte     

native indian flute >>>