There are three ways, how you can order at us:

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    Ofcourse also you can order per phone +49 (0)4770 - 808242

For an order we need
the name and the quantity.
Please don't forget the delivery-adress!

After your order we will send an invoice in advance for transferation of money per email as a pdf-file.

When the transferation is confirmed we will send the instrument.

At a following order we will send the good directly at the order.

In this case we send an invoice for transfaration within 14 days with the goods.

In time when the delivery is on the way we will send you a notice.

Unsere Empfehlung

Oceandrum - Meerestrommel

A wooden drum covered on both sides with goat skin and filled with small metal balls - just enough so that when the drum is hold horizontally and slightly tilted from side to side it causes a sound reminiscent of the ocean. This can be very calming.
Diameter 36 cm, 41 cm, 46 cm and 51 cm

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sound frog and owl flute


These frogs are carved out of hard wood and have a hollow body. By rubbing the wooden stick over the jagged ridge on the frog's back one can make the frog croak.
three sizes are available: ca. 5 cm, 10 cm and 15 cm

The Owls are made from the same wood as a pipe. Blowing in the top of the head makes a sound like an owl. different sizes make different sounds like small or large owls.

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Dizi - chinee travers flute

Dizi is a traditional chinese travers flute.
This flute has a special: between the mouth hole and the finger holes is a hole, which is closed with a ricepaper.
This paper starts to vibrate while playing and changes the sound to a vibrating timbre.
The fingering is like typical six-hole flutes, playable about two octaves.
We offer this flute in differents tonalities.

In china the declaration of tonality is different to europe. They don't sign the deepest note, but the note at the third hole from the bottom. That means a flute in chinese F is C-major (deepest note C).

So we have the tonalities:

chineses G / D

chinese F / C

chinese D / A

chinese C / G

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