rhythmic instruments like claves or rattles, jew harps and other rare instruments


Percussion is used to describe various rhythm instruments, especially rattles with many different sounds, but also tonewoods, small drums, or jew's harps

What is music without the diverse sounds of percussion.
Percussion instruments are often very simple instruments, ultimately just everyday objects that are used to beat the rhythm. As simple as these instruments are, there are many variations, especially when it comes to the materials, which then repeatedly create new sound images.

Then there are simple rhythm instruments like claves.
Rattles can be made from many objects. Rattles are often used for rites and have a protective character. Ultimately also in toddler hands in the cradle.
But more elaborate instruments such as the kalimba or thetambourine also belong to the rhythm instruments.
Some instruments imitate animal voices like the sound frog or the owl.
And last but not least, the folk instrument the jew's harp should be mentioned here.
We have also sorted the curiosity of the nose flute or the shrutibox here with the percussions.

Persusion instruments are often very old, come from different cultures and still accompany modern music today.

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tongue drum

An ritual instrument at different indigen cultur. Exspecially in sout pacific area it is usual.

At first it was a hollow log,  here it is a wooden box, with sawed tongues in the top.

The different length of the tongues makes 6 different notes in pentatonic tuning. So you can play free and easy and the sound is always harmonic.

The sound is very earthy, origen, shamanic. A modern instrument in this style is the Hapi-drum, a tongue-drum made from a metal resonance-box.

A robust instrument wich is good for music practice with small children, Kindergarden or music therapy.

Size: 48 x 18 x 18 cm, inkl. two feltsticks

Hapi-drum >>>

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The tambourine is well known in many countries and is popularly used as an integral part of a dance, eg: belly dancing or Spanish flamenco. You don't however have to dance to enjoy this instrument. It is an easy-to-learn accompanying instrument.

We offer tambourins from India.
The bells of this tambourin are made from good quality metal and have a brillinat sound.
The skin is natural goat skin.
The frame is black painted.
5 different sizes from 16, 18, 20, 22 and 25 cm diameter

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Zen singing bowl from Japan

singing bowls from Japan with a clear, light long swinging sound.
Traditional beated with a wooden stick.
Also you can rubb at the top border.and you will get a spheric harmony sound.
This xinging bowls are used for meditations and concerts.

We have following sizes: 69, 78, 97, 119 and 134 mm diameter.
every singing bowls comes with a stick and a cushion.

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