psaltery in sopran, alt or tenor


The psaltery is an instrument similar to the harp, but which is played with a bow. Easy to learn, very spherical sound

The psalter is an old stringed instrument.This stringed instrument is already mentioned in the Bible.
In old churches there are often figures of the family of David holding a triangular stringed instrument on their lap.
Originally it was played like a harp.

There is also a string for every note of the scale.
It was only recently, around 150 years ago, that the practice of playing this instrument with a bow.
Due to the triangular shape, there is space between the string hangers on each leg to be able to bow each individual string.
So on one side of the instrument the strings are tuned according to the scale, on the other side the semitones.
This makes the bowed psaltery playable chromatically.

You can pluck the strings like a harp or bow.
The bowed steel strings have a spherical sound.
The open strings that resonate create a strong resonance.

There is the bowed psaltery in the pitches soprano, alto and tenor

psaltery soprano

The sopran-psalterium has 1 1/2 Octaves from Do (C) to sol (G), ca. 50 cm long.

Sopran Tonleiter

Sopran Melodie

psaltery alto

The alto psaltery has 2 Octaves from sol (G) to sol (G), ca. 57 cm lang.

It starts a little lower than the soprano string psaltery but also ends on the high sol (G). The lower strings also make the resonance of the instrument deeper and richer.


tenor psaltery

The tenor-psalterium has 2 1/2 Octaves from Do (C) to sol (G), ca. 68 cm lang.

The deepest note is one octave deeper than the deepest note at the soprano psaltery

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hard drumsticks

sticks for soldiers drums

turned thin drumsticks made out of hardwood.

drumstick for Davul

turned thick handled drumstick made out of hardwood.

simple drumstick

Made out of a wooden ball and round stick handle, these drumsticks are particularly suitable for children's drums.


Made from specially selected hardwoods (from fruit trees, olivewood etc.) these hard turned drumsticks are availabel in various lengths and shapes.

sticks >>>

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We make Davul in different sizes:

  • 32x18 cm
  • 40 x 25 cm
  • 44 x 25 cm
  • 48 x 30 cm
  • 52 x 30 cm
  • 56 x 30 cm

The most popular sizes are 48 and 52 cm im diameter.
But other sizes are also available.
The colour is a light wood colour like Teak or dark like walnut.

For the skins are goat skins, calf skin or goat with hair abailable.

Davul >>>

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Practice Chanter

The term stands for a chanter, a learning tool for the bagpipes.
From the pattern the chanter conforms to the chanter of a bagpipe, but the sound is more quiet, so you can practice at home and in small rooms.
Otherwise it corresponds to the sound and the playing a bagpipe.
So you can practice especially fingerings, ornaments and new tunes.

Practice Chanter for the scottish bagpipe

The fingering is like the Scottish bagpipes one half covered (see fingering chart).
It is made of hardwood and available with either wood or plastic mouthpiece.
The plastic reed is always easy to handle and thus also for the beginner.
A simple inexpensive instrument for the first contact to a bagpipe.
fingering for the scottish chanter
Available we have the Chanter with the top of plastic or from wood.

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