making of ocarina, making of boneflutes, making of drums: Davul, soldier-drums, shamanic frame drums

Ton in Ton is not just trading ininstruments, we manufacture some of the instruments offered here in our own workshop.

In addition to the ocarina and bone flutes, we have a drum building workshop Davul, march or mercenary drums and shamanic frame drums are made here.

Furthermore, chalumeaux, a clarinet predecessor, are creatid on the drilling machine.

Here you can take a look at our workshop.





Unsere Empfehlung

double native indian flute

two flutes played with one mouthpiece. One flute plays the melody the other just one note. This base note can change by the pressure.

Tunigs G, F and E

made from plastic

Klangbeispiel doppelte Indianerflöte     

native indian flute >>>

Unsere Empfehlung

Weepipe - medieval smallpipe

The weepipe is made in the same workshop like the Medieval-chanter and is compatible to it. Even it is the quiet Medieval-bagpipe.
Like the noisy Medieval-bagpipes tuned in a-flat.
The pipes are made from black plastic, the bag is leather.
If you just have the Medieval-chanter, and you want to learn now to play the bagpipe, so the bagpipe is available without the chanter.

We also offer the "Sackpfeifenfibel", a practice book for this bagpipe.

bagpipe >>>