small metal bowls with light sound


Cymbals with bright sounds, made of brass and heavy cast bronze, for meditation, signal tone, for awakening, ...

Cymbals are small cast bowls. There are always two connected with a cord, which are struck together and a bright sound is heard.

Lighter brass cymbals have a rather subtle sound, while heavier bronze cymbals sound powerful and penetrating.

Cymbals are already mentioned in the Bible. In Asia they are still often used ritually for religious ceremonies.

In belly dancing, smaller cymbals are used as finger cymbals with a loop for belly dancing. Attached to the middle finger and thumb, the finger cymbals can be struck in one hand to accompany the dance.

Chime bars, or even called zenergy chimes, are similar in sound. A solid metal rod is hung freely on a wooden board. If you hit the stick with a hard mallet, you will hear a bright sound. Chime bars are available in different moods and several together as two or three chords.


heavy style made from bronze

Cast with patterns, different variants with dragon motifs or luck symbols

Various sizes, small or larger, with a diameter of 6.5 to 7.5 cm


kleine schwere Zimbel

grosse schwere Zimbel

finger cymbals

Between middle-finger and thumb they are played with one hand.
Well known as accompany the oriental belly dance.
with rubber loop, ca. diameter.


zenergy chimes, a free swinging massiv metal bar, makes intensiv light sound, for signal in school or kindergarden ..

we offer the sound bars in two variants

simple energy-chimes

relativ thin bars as single note, with two different notes or three notes..

The bars are hanged up in the air on a woodblock.

The singel note is tuned in Mi



The zenergy chimes have larger bars, so the sound becomes more penetrant.

The single sound bar is available in the tunings La (A) or high Mi (E).

Also as a triad with three bars


einzelner Klangstab einfach

Zenergy einzel A

Zenergy einzel hoch E

doppelter Klangstab einfach

dreifacher Klangstab einfach

Zenergy dreiklang

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The harmony-flutes have a mouthpiece like a recorder, but no holes for the fingers.
different notes are played by different pressure of breath.
So you can play different overnotes of the base note.
Even you can change the note by closing the tube. So you can play trills.
We offer the harmony-flutes in 4 different tunes: Fa, Re, Do and Sol.
The biggest flute in Sol with ca. 80 cm length needs a long arm..

sound example overtone flute    


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Appalachian Dulcimer

Appalachian Dulcimer

The Apalachian Dulcimer developed in North America from the European Scheitholt or the North German Hummel and is used in folk music there.

The Appalachian Dulcimer has 4 strings. The two high strings are tuned the same, the others in a fifth to the root note.

A common mood is d - a - d '- d'

The frets are set diatonic.

Like a zither lying on the table or on the player's lap, the strings can be plucked or struck. At the neck you either grab a single string or all three at the same time with your finger or a bamboo stick. The effect of playing with a bottleneck is particularly typical, so that you can quickly slide over the strings between the frets. The fifth tuning enables open play with drone notes or chords.

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Punteira the chanter of the spanish bagpipe

Punteira is the spanish name of the chanter of the Gaita, the spanish bagpipe.
With a wind-cap on the reed you can play the chanter like a shalmei.
These instruments are made in high quality and exactly tuned like the Gaitas. With the very thin reeds they are playing easily.
Like the Gaita, we offer the punteira in Do from Ash. If you are interested ask for other kinds in Re or Sib, or different woods.

fingering for Punteira

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