table gongs, small feng, feng or wind gong, tam-tam or sun-gong


The gong hammered a flat disc of brass. small table gongs, heavy tam-tams, lighter feng or wind gongs, as a signal, for shouting or for meditation, ...

The gong has been widespread in Asia since ancient times.
What would the Chinese dragon dance be without the introductory sound of the gong? Whether as the beginning or the end of a ceremonial act, whether in conjunction with other instruments or simply to pay more attention to a moment, this sound body can be used.
It is made in traditional brass forging, paired with the fine hearing of the instrument maker.

We offer several types of this instrument:
• Small table gongs with a diameter of 17 to 23 cm
small feng, with a diameter of 25 cm and 30 cm
• LargeFeng from 40 cm in diameter
Tam Tam, the classical Chinese gong, heavier than Feng and with a rim
• the sun gong has a particularly shining sound

We manufacture stands made of solid wood suited for all gongs.

table gong

The table gongs are small gongs, made from brass with frame, handy for calling, awakening, ...

Polished brass, available in 3 diameter sizes: 17 cm, 20 cm and 23 cm. Because the thick border the gong has a stabel less-vibrating sound.

The gongs come complete with a padded gong stick.

Tischgong 20 cm

Tischgong 17 cm

Tischgong 23 cm

small Feng

Even for using as a table gong are the small Feng.
The feng are thinnner than the table gongs and they don't have a border..
Cause this the sound is more vibrating.

Feng 30 cm

Feng 25 cm


The Feng-Gong is more thin and light as the traditionel Tam Tam. Because the thin material it swings more and produces a lot overtones.

The Feng-Gong is more thin and light as the traditionel Tam Tam. Because the thin material it swings more and produces faster the overtones.
We have small Feng in 25 oder 30 cm diameter, which even have a great sound or large in 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 oder 65 cm diameter

Feng 50 cm

Feng 40 cm

Feng 45 cm

Tam Tam

The tam-tam comes from China. It is a gong with frame, black with a golden ring. It makes different sounds in the middle or at the frame

The tam-tam comes from China. Hit with a hard padded stick this gong produces ist typical metallic vibrating sound.
By hitting the gong lightly and quickly the whole range of tones can be heard, right up to the highest which are 'felt' rather than heard.

Tam Tam 45 cm

Tamtam 40 cm

Tam Tam 50 cm


The sun gong is a thin gong with rings in black and gold. because this structur the gong sounds shining like the sun

The sungong is similar to the feng, but it is two coloured.

Cause the similar form, the sound is even like the feng. But the sungong is heavier and the sound comes more even an strong out of the middle.

We offer the sungong in two sizes 40cm and 50 cm diameter..

larger sungongs on demand.

Sonnengong 50 cm

Sonnengong 40 cm

stand for gongs

stand for gongs made from massive larch in our atelier, for small gongs or large Tamtam or Feng, stand for gongs in three parts demontable

Stand for small gongs up to 20 cm or up to 25 cm diameter.

For table gongs or small Feng.

Made from massive larch wood, linseed varnish.

ready fitted.

Stand for large gongs up to 60 cm diameter.

from massive larch wood, lineseed finish

easy fitting with two srews

If you are interested we can make these stand from other wood or in other sizes

Please ask for this!

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Sticks for shamane drum

We have different sticks for shamane drums:

  • Rattanstick mit felt - soft stick, deep soft sound
  • Rattanstick with rubber head, covered with leather - relativ hard stick, swinging handle with heavy head
  • Rattanstick with head from leather - medium soft stick, light handling

sticks >>>

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finger cymbals

Between middle-finger and thumb they are played with one hand.
Well known as accompany the oriental belly dance.
with rubber loop, ca. diameter.

cymbals >>>