also called thumb piano, metal tongues on a resonance body


Kalimba or also called a thumb piano. Typical African accompanying instrument, the sansula is a special version.

Kalimba or Mbira are African names, in German it is called a thumb piano.
Metal tongues are attached to a hollow resonance body, swinging freely. The kalimba is held between both hands and the thumbs can pluck the tongues. Depending on the length of the tongue, a different tone is created.
The body can be a wooden box, a coconut or a gourd.
A special kalimba is the sansula with an drumskin for resonance. The tongues are not placed on a body but on a small frame drum. In an elegant, oval shape, it nestles well in the hands.


At this Kalimba the resonsance-box is made from a coconut.

with 7 metal tongues, not tuned



the sansula is a kalimba, but the resonance comes from a drum skin, so it gives a vibrating sound, pentatonic tuning, dreamful and relaxing

The Sansula is a thumb-piano, also called Kalimba. But here it is fixed on a drumskin.
Because this the instrument become a lot of resonance.
The Sansula is pentatonic tuned in a-minor.
Because the pentatonic tuning it is dreamfull and intuitv to play..


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We make Davul in different sizes:

  • 32x18 cm
  • 40 x 25 cm
  • 44 x 25 cm
  • 48 x 30 cm
  • 52 x 30 cm
  • 56 x 30 cm

The most popular sizes are 48 and 52 cm im diameter.
But other sizes are also available.
The colour is a light wood colour like Teak or dark like walnut.

For the skins are goat skins, calf skin or goat with hair abailable.

Davul >>>

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redorder from Schneider

recorder sopran en Do, made of massiv of maple, made in Germany, german or barock fingering.

This flutes have a very clear fine sound, even at the deep notes. They overblow easy in the second octave.

The recorder from Schneider we have in following tonalities:
Sopranino recorders in Fa (F), maple, german or barock fingering

Alt recorders in Fa (F), maple, german or barock fingering

and Tenor recorder in Do (C)

Every recorder comes with a bag, cleaner and fingering table.

recorder >>>

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Tam Tam

The tam-tam comes from China. Hit with a hard padded stick this gong produces ist typical metallic vibrating sound.
By hitting the gong lightly and quickly the whole range of tones can be heard, right up to the highest which are 'felt' rather than heard.

Gongs >>>