jews harp

old instrument, known in many countries

jews harp

Jew's harp, humming iron, mouth harp, classic folk instrument, still popular today in the Alpine region, but also known in many other cultures, e.g. in Asia or Russia.

Many names exist for this small instrument.

A metal spoon is made to vibrate. If you hold the instrument in front of your mouth between your lips, the tones become loud because the mouth becomes the resonance body of the instrument.

The jew's harp has a very unique sound that has something primeval about it. The jew's harp is also a shamanic instrument.

The roots of this instrument can be traced back to pre-Christian times. Their origins are in Asia, Mongolia and Siberia.The South Asian jaw harps are built slightly differently than the European ones. They are made from a piece of sheet brass. The Danmoi from Vietnam has become known in this way.
In Europe, the jew harp is a popular folk instrument in the Alpine region, but also in Sicily and the Balkans.

Jew's harp

jew harp from austria, 3 sizes

This jews harps come from a small family manufactur in austria. Now the new style of jew harp is easier to play and learn.

Three sizes are available. The large jew harp has a deeper sound than the small.

Every jew harp is with instruction how to play.

small jew harp

medium jew harp

large jew harp


traditional jew's harp from Vietnam

Another form of the jews harp comes from Vietnam. Made from pure brass and especial slim.
Each one comes with a case from bamboo for security on travelling.
We offer them in small (light sound) and large (dark sound), and with a double tongue

Danmoi standard

Danmoi bass

Danmoi double tongue

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Melodyharp Detail Wirbel


A children harp.
A simple plucked instrument, played like a zither on a table.
It has 5 written melodies, which are put under the strings.
The simple notation is easy to learn, even will play soon the melodies..
It has 2 Octaves from G to G.

inclusive a tuning key

Melodyharp >>>

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double native indian flute

two flutes played with one mouthpiece. One flute plays the melody the other just one note. This base note can change by the pressure.

Tunigs G, F and E

made from plastic

Klangbeispiel doppelte Indianerflöte     

native indian flute >>>

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This recorder is made exspecially for small hands of children.

With this flute young childs can learn playing the flute, even when their hands are still too small for a sopran recorder.

This flute has 5 holes for the fingers, no hole for the thumb. Otherwise it has three marks. One on the top and two on the backside for the thumbs. They will give a good grip for the flute.

With this five holes you can play 6 notes of the G-dur scale, and three halfnotes. So it is possible to play various simple children-songs.

The flute is made from maple, red-coloured, with bag, cleaner and an info.

recorder >>>