like a kantele or harp, for every note is one string


the melody harp is played like a zither, under the strings you can put a sheet with points, so it is easy to play a melody.




A children harp.
A simple plucked instrument, played like a zither on a table.
It has 5 written melodies, which are put under the strings.
The simple notation is easy to learn, even will play soon the melodies..
It has 2 Octaves from G to G.

inclusive a tuning key

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Another form of the jews harp comes from Vietnam. Made from pure brass and especial slim.
Each one comes with a case from bamboo for security on travelling.
We offer them in small (light sound) and large (dark sound), and with a double tongue

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sound frog and owl flute


These frogs are carved out of hard wood and have a hollow body. By rubbing the wooden stick over the jagged ridge on the frog's back one can make the frog croak.
three sizes are available: ca. 5 cm, 10 cm and 15 cm

The Owls are made from the same wood as a pipe. Blowing in the top of the head makes a sound like an owl. different sizes make different sounds like small or large owls.

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The Mandola is a larger and deeper variant of the mandoline.

Like the mandolne has it 4 double strings, so at all are 8 strings, where always two are in the same tuning.

The instrument is one octave depper than the mandoline in the same tuning Sol - Re - La - Mi (G - D- A - E).

So both instruments are played the same, but the mensur of the mandola is not so narrow like at the mandoline and it has a warmer sound.

The Mandola has the same tuning and donality like a cister or an irish bouzouki. Just the deep strings are not in an octave but doubled.

The mandola comes with a bag and an accord-table.

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