rhythm instruments

instruments for rhythm to train, to set, accompany

rhythm instruments

Taking up the rhythm of a lively melody, the steady rhythm of the shaman's drum, Orff's instruments in early musical education.

Rhythm determines our life. One likes to pick up a rhythm and want to accompany it.

Various percussion instruments are used to accompany the rhythm.

The claves provide a clear rhythm. The bright, penetrating sound is also often used for the metronome.

The tambourine is often used for dancing and singing. A small drum with bells in the frame.

The sound becomes softer with rattling. There are many variations in size, shape and filling.

There is a variety of sounds with the nut rattles. We have 4 different varieties with different fruits to choose from.


claves are a simple instrument for rythm, we offer larg claves with two different sound and small exspecially for children hands

two types:

  • Ding-Dong: japanese rosewood, the claves have differents lenght, so you can play two notes.
  • small claves: Rosewood with light sound, but smaller diameter, exspecially for children hands

claves ding-dong

claves small


Tambourin, ring'o bells drum, for dancing, bellydance, flamenco, in spain traditional at singing

The tambourine is well known in many countries and is popularly used as an integral part of a dance, eg: belly dancing or Spanish flamenco. You don't however have to dance to enjoy this instrument. It is an easy-to-learn accompanying instrument.

We offer tambourins from India.
The bells of this tambourin are made from good quality metal and have a brillinat sound.
The skin is natural goat skin.
The frame is black painted.
5 different sizes from 16, 18, 20, 22 and 25 cm diameter


rattles with different sounds, for children and percussion, made from wood, calfskin, shamane rattles, nut-rattles, or turning-drums

wooden rattle

from massive wood turned rattle, food handling for babies and small children. A very rough rattle.


small rattles, made out of wood and filled with small stones. Availabel in 3 different models: fine, medium and coarse.


Woodturned egg, filled with little balls, fine sound.


calfskin and a wooden handle, filled with small stones. Two sizes

wooden rattle

Mini-shaker fine

egg shaker

Maraca large

Mini Shaker medium

Mini Shaker rough


four different kinds of nut-fruits with wooden pearlsmade to a strap.

They are made with rubberstrings and elastic..

  • Pangi - large thick fruits, deep sound
  • Juju - large thin fruits
  • Kemiri - small thin fruits
  • chacha - small hard fruits, light sound like water

nutrattle chacha

nutrattle Pangi

nutrattle Juju

nutrattle Kemiri

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Melodyharp Detail Wirbel


A children harp.
A simple plucked instrument, played like a zither on a table.
It has 5 written melodies, which are put under the strings.
The simple notation is easy to learn, even will play soon the melodies..
It has 2 Octaves from G to G.

inclusive a tuning key

Melodyharp >>>

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Tin Whistle

The traditional flute from Ireland
At the time of industrialisation, simple tin whistles were created in England and Ireland, which were produced in large numbers and were therefore affordable for the common people. This is why they were given the name penny-whistle.

We offer the tin-whistle from the Clarke company, which is made of tin and has a wooden peg as a mouthpiece.
The wide windway produces a slightly smoky tone.
It is painted black and available in "C" or "D" tuning.

Tin Whistle etc >>>

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The Irish have kept up the tradition of the frame drum and even developed their own special technique of playing it - with a drumstick shaped like a bone, which they call the "tipper". The drum is covered with goat skin and can be played virtuosly ie: it "sings" in various tones.

The bodhran is available in the following diameter sizes: 41 cm and 46 cm.
The standard size is 46 cm. They come complete with drumstick and carrying bag.
A tuneable bodhran is available in the size of 46 cm.

shaman drum >>>