different bells and strap of bells


Light bells made of sheet metal, heavy bells made of brass, large bells with a bright sound, as a shell, as a fish, silver or gold. Bell bands from our own production.

Bells are used in many different ways to accompany rhythms, whether by the medieval minstrel, the street musician or the "one-man band". Children also enjoy the variety of bells.
We offer both individual bells, from small bells to large bells, as well as ready-made bell bands in various designs.
This creates different sounds depending on the type, size and number of bells.

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we offer the sound bars in two variants

simple energy-chimes

relativ thin bars as single note, with two different notes or three notes..

The bars are hanged up in the air on a woodblock.

The singel note is tuned in Mi



The zenergy chimes have larger bars, so the sound becomes more penetrant.

The single sound bar is available in the tunings La (A) or high Mi (E).

Also as a triad with three bars


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small ocarina

Notenbuch zur Tonflöte - music-book for ocarina

In result of many demand for music for the ocarina, we made ourself a small music-book. It is a collection of 64 melodies from middelages and Renaissance, from easy to more difficult melodies of dances and songs, which are specially prepared for the ocarina.

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Tin Whistle

The traditional flute from Ireland
At the time of industrialisation, simple tin whistles were created in England and Ireland, which were produced in large numbers and were therefore affordable for the common people. This is why they were given the name penny-whistle.

We offer the tin-whistle from the Clarke company, which is made of tin and has a wooden peg as a mouthpiece.
The wide windway produces a slightly smoky tone.
It is painted black and available in "C" or "D" tuning.

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