on tour

calender, on tour with our market stall

on tour

We usually present our musical instruments at music festivals and medieval also historical festivals, not only in germany, in the summertime.

We try to keep this page up to date, but changes at short notice can always occur.

Also you can isit us at our virtual stall

calender, on tour with our market stall 2024 

Stand 13.1.2024

  • Märkte 2024


images from our market stall

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At this Kalimba the resonsance-box is made from a coconut.

with 7 metal tongues, not tuned

Kalimba >>>

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Gaita de Gemec

The Gaita de Gemec is made of bubinga and comes with a leather bag. It's in Do (C) and has one drone. The sound is a little stronger than at the Gaita Gallega, and even the pressure to play is a little bit harder.

bagpipe >>>

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decoupled Davul

In the traditional models, both heads are braced together. That means you cannot span one side independently of the other.
To get around this problem, we have developed a new tensioning construction where each side can be tensioned separately.

The cord is not pulled to the other side of the skin, but is fixed to points in the body. This now makes it possible to tune each side to a specific tone and also both tones of the Davul to each other. The keynote of one side still depends on the diameter and the choice of head. We only offer this system for the larger Davul from 48 cm.

Davul >>>